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Hair Extensions
We use 100% Remy, Indian Remy, & human hair





Celebrity Stylist, Stylist, Master Colorist,
Master Hair Extensionist & Instructor

"Michelle Brown"
We are Certified & Licensed!
Open 7 days a week
16 yrs Experience* Quality* All Hair Types Welcome

Services Available:
Wedding|Prom|Modeling|Personal & Career Image
Theater|Productions|Medical Conditions

Pricing reflect Partial/Full head services with the highest approx. of a specialty case.

      Thermal Fusion                                                                    $300-$1300
 hair extension technique that last up to 6 months.
This is a strand by strand technique attached with none damaging organic protein bonds-
(Bangs,Fullness, Thickness or Length provided with Fusion) ( I tip & U tip)

Flat Fusion                                                                      
~ strand by strand technique that last up to 6mths, which attaches
with a warm bond but flat, for ultra smoothness finish

S.O. Cap, Hair Dreams, Great Lengths, Cinderella, Ultratip         $300-$2200
(hair included)

       Cold Fusion                                                                           $300-$1500
~A strand by strand technique with
no heat involved
using silicone lined and/or special no slide links for protection to attach extensions to your
hair. Last up to 12 months and hair is reusable, 0% Damage
Maintenance appts required
$3 & up per bond for partial plus the cost of hair.

~ A strand by strand technique that provides a barrier over the bond and shrinks
around the hair extensions and your natural hair.

Maintenance for Fusion Extensions:
Flat rate             $50/hr (if we applied)
                           Consult(other company)
Retipping                                Consult

We make custom fusion extensions     (consult)        

Tape In Extension                                                         $200-$500
~ This techniques has no weft, invisible, using safedurable, with no damage hair tape   

Crochet Braiding                                                          $100& up
~ Provides extensions by braiding and attaching loose hair, so that the
braid are undetectable

Customized Clip In Extensions                                        $100up
With these extensions its great for those who want to add extensions and the convenience to
take them out whenever they want to. We make your clipins,apply, and cut to blend.

Skin Weft                                                                       $150
~This technique last 4-6wks and reapplication requiredNo foundation of braids, net or glue
using no damage hair tape.

Sewn Extensions                                                         $125up
- Most affordable extensions that last 2-3 months with hair braided and extensions attached.
Note: Your hair must be already prewashed for extensions at arrival.Otherwise takeout fee
-$50 depending on your hair.Full Sew In with Closures are extra

Lace Front                                                                       $50              
~Provides extensions with a skin thats applied to the fore area which becomes invisible
lasting up to 2 weeks with proper care.

Interlocking                                                                     $150up
~Offers a sleek look adding extensions lasting 6-8 weeks; No braids or glue using your
natural hair for foundation.

 Microweft (Braidless)                                                         $200up             
~Adding extensions with weft,small metal links, and thread to secure with no braids, glue or
other foundation.

Bonding                                                                           $50 up      
~Temporary extensions that last up to 1-2 wks adding length, fullness, color, highlight,
complete new style and more.
Custom Cap  (V/U Units)                                                              $150up
~Those who have suffered with complete hair loss in most areas and want a complete new
look or even just looking for a style you can wear and be able to put it on and take it off.

Net Extensions                                                                             $135up    
~this service is designed for those who have thin hair in particular spots and want coverage
or full closure, also great addition for a sewin.

Twist Extensions (braidless)                                                        $150up  
Great style for those who had problems and breakage from braids. Last 6-8 wks. Microtwist
are form as base without the tension.

Elastic Extensions (braidless)                                                          $150up   
Good for those who want extensions without the tension and breakage of braids. Applied with
elastic. Last 2 months or longer

Per Extension                                                                        $15 each
Good for those who want to keep a complete natural look and add a few extension rows in
between there natural hair for fullness, color etc. (5 max)

Prices listed above are subject to change as each client has different hair needs and will be
given prior notice. Consultations are highly recommended for extension services. The price
does include the hair for thermal fusion, cold fusion, and tape in only;In some cases where
you need a specialty services may require extra charge other than what is shown above and
will be discussed before service is provided.

Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, Discover, Debit accepted
Deposits are required for most hair extensions appointments
Turn that dark brown into something special with highlighted extensions, Give the blonde
some dimensions with darker tones(lowlights)
All this with no damage or change to your natural hair tresses
Create a style with more body, more movement, cover thinning areas, add fullness
This is your chance to create something new from a partial angled extensions
to a textured bob, add length to the shoulders or middle back up to 20 inches.
You're tired of the curls well straight extensions is your answer, What about
something new, add a loose wave, or even supercurly. We have yaky and
silky for all textures.
This is the best  of all not only will you look good on the outside but it makes
you feel mighty good on the inside, you find yourself as one of my clients
said: " Im gonna smile to my cheek bones hurts!"
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